Singapore is fast and bright, to sit and enjoy the show is all she asks of you.

At what moment do you realize your becoming inspired? Is it in the moments somewhere between the flora and fauna or amongst the metal structures immortalizing such things? Perhaps the new faces and new ideas alike? When inspiration is allowed in without bias or judgment a stepping stone is placed in front of you. You can take this step and move in a direction or use the stone to build a house. The choice is yours and only time can tell the strength of the stone.  

Time is a funny thing anyone will say, and they surely have. We fight time and try to stretch it. We capture it thinking this will make it last. That some how holding on to the memory of time will allow us to manipulate it. But we are no match against time. To befriend time is the only way to be free from the battle. Stable in the moment, you may see how it unfolds and the choices you have in front of you. It ought not to matter what you have done with your time but that you have cherished the minutes and the hours while they have passed... and maybe that you are a few ticks the wiser when all is said and spent. 

 To all those who have inspired the one next to them. 

 <3 N

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