Singapore DAY 11


Thibault Gauriau from ILM. learned some really amazing things from this guy. He knew what to say and how to say it. I took so many notes on his quotes that I am excited to look back on already. Next on todays itinerary  floating utopias where I learned about the yes men and the run away moon. The trees! finally the trees! we have been patiently waiting to see the trees at night and tonight was the night. We all got tickets at for 7 but the show didn’t start until 7:45 so we had to stall and stall hard. We did everything we could to evade the employees fervently ushering us to the end of the walk. All we wanted to do was watch the show from the tops of the trees. It was challenging and didn’t go without a playing the dumb tourist card but we prevailed in the end.

 Today really was full of inspiration from so many angles. Thibault gave me a whole new perspective in to the world of movie making that I had no idea about before. The freedom of the run away moon built upon this idea forming in my head that art is in the process. Topping this off is the story I know have of evading the employees atop the trees to make the light show. This is now a story taken from the process of seeing the light show and yet the light show itself is of little significance. Art is in the process. That was todays lesson, well that and that nighttime in Singapore has become ever so inviting.

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