Singapore DAY 10


Gillman Barracks and ice cream. A place filled with modern art, the first experience in Singapore with modern art. An interesting and innovative area, old barracks turned into working studios with galleries open to the public and a delicious ice cream shop conveniently located in the middle.  A couple museums reiterating the art and history of Singapore mixed with the heat of the day pulled our energy right out of us. It has felt like a long week today but it is Friday and we are young. We went down by the bay to see the local street performers and the water laser show and found our love for Singapore reunited within the city lights. 



I learned a lot today…

My favorite experience thus far was this class on batiking. We learned the traditional methods and history then tried our hands at it ourselves. Even as we are all artist batiking proved to be more challenging then expected. I would have loved more days like this one with hands on creating art and learning through the process. 

Masonry Studios instilled confidence in me for what I’m doing with photography right now. They said they put money towards creating a portfolio around what they actually want to do for there customers and how they really want to be doing it. They said it was a hard thing to do but it paid off. I’ve been a bit unsure of the steps I’ve taken in the last year but these words really made me feel strong in my decision. 

A few days ago when we visited LaSalle we were invited back to the senior portfolio review party. A few of us made an appearance and it was well worth it. We got into a long and very interesting conversation with Ben Lock who we didn’t know at the time but has a very extensive imdb profile and works for Lucas films right now. He said that Singapore is such a great place for creatives right now because its like silicone valley in the way that you are constantly rubbing shoulders with high profile people simply because it is so small.  I’m really interested in this easy access market that seems to be happening here. I was mistaken for someone that had a job to give and was scouting for talent, that was a great feeling and I want to be there at some point.

Singapore DAY 8


We had the opportunity today to tour a fashion design studio called the cocoon. She told us that the name was symbolic of the firm taking in growing designers and fostering them like little caterpillars that will hopefully grow large enough to come out of the cocoon as a butterfly. I absolutely love this concept. Fostering creativity is so much more important then we know. On that note, this is the third firm now that has talked about how the government here in Singapore finances companies that work with start ups or creative endeavors of some form. There is something here, there is something to that. Yet, we have continuously ran into Singaporeans not knowing they are seen as this creative booming country. 

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