Singapore DAY 7


We started off the day with a very small but fun gaming start up firm. It was interesting to see how these people had come together to create Mighty Bear. The gaming industry is something I am not familiar with and I love to be able to see new perspectives like this. LaSalle was a beautiful building that was designed to look like a rock broken in half to reveal its jewels inside and playing with the metaphor of art studies. The jewel inside was for me the director Chris Shaw. Damn that man can tell a story. He will put you on the edge of your seat talking about an average day at the school and then get you all inspired with his origin story. I do believe he could turn the most dull speech into something amazing. Chris Shaw is an animated man head of the animation team. All of these different places we have visited has deepened my interest in that field. With so many creative endeavors and so little time how can I ever be still.

Singapore DAY 6


We visited a design firm called FARM where two power house woman welcomed us with subs and beverages to our delight. They gave us an insiders look into their portfolio and what they do for clients. They take total control of every aspect to unify the image through and through. From the architecture of the building to the logo and clothing worn by the employees. The designs where beautiful and everyones appreciation for a well crafted living space grew three sizes today. How do clients find these firms? During the second adventure of the day we were told that a client for a high end handbag made in Northern Europe sought out a young animation company in Singapore called crave to do their commercial. Crave expressed the astonishment they had that someone so far removed from the culture found them. I want to know what the clients are searching for that brings up these firms to understand the market and self advertising more thoroughly. 

Singapore DAY 5


I’ve never actually had a guided tour through a museum and now I question why not. Of course your guide is not going to bring you through every painting, photograph, sculpture and installment but she will highlight the most important gems in the collection. She will tell you the history, the price, the story and sometimes the process. The process is the most attractive part to me and when she explains the brush strokes are thick because of their background in calligraphy, my gaze deepens. She will assume we all know our Singaporean history (which we do not) by ending her questions with “right?”. This makes me giggle. She will tell you stories of times past and the pillars on which her country was built. It might make you cry. She knows the art and her country. It warms your heart. She loves her country and her smile is wide. She is our guide and we clap when she is through.

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