Singapore DAY 4


Biking in the jungle! Our guide Tony explained the separation of Singapore from Malaysia while we were at the top of the hike with a view where we are able to literally see Singapore and Malaysia. Coconuts cold and amazing then eating the meat with a spoon. Saturday night walking around in the Turkish district and hearing the prayers coming from the mosques. Everyone was out in the streets celebrating something and all the lights were lit up. it looked beautiful .

Singapore DAY 3


All the eyes are on the Merlion and everyones taking pictures. Selfies and group shots or the classic perspective with the fountain flowing into their mouths. But my eyes are on the crowd. I’m searching for the most interesting people. I find a girl dressed in the Lolita style (dressed as a doll) and ask to take her photograph. We have just come from the Asian Civilizations Museum with statues, books, pottery, art, house hold items and clothing from the past. In front of me is the clothing of the present and I wonder how it got here. 

Singapore DAY 2


“Future World where art and science meet”- a great introduction to Singapore. Walking down by the bay where the building blooms up white with the lotuses. Where life is hot but if the price is right cool and sweet. Luxury where you need it most. A place to play in the dark with luminance. A place hidden from the anger of the sun. This place bursting with Interactive art. Art that must be explored to be appreciated. Art that is an experience. Really - the experience is the art. Everyone is part of the art and everyone becomes the art. Thats all I see. Art walking around me.

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