Singapore DAY 1


Welcome to Singapore! I say to myself at 4:50am as I load my shoulders up for hopefully the last time and make my way to The Jewel. Something magical is here. It’s dark because, of course, the sun hasn’t risen and someone is watering a lot of plants with a hose. I walk into the sparkly space where calming melodies are playing. I’m standing two floors up into the forest balconies looking down onto the water vortex. Warm amber glows from under the walk ways and seating areas. Twinkling lights fire and fade from behind the trees and flowers. Its like a night scene in any good movie. Where am I? I’ve always wanted to sleep in an enchanted rain forest. I find my way down and cradle myself into a nook, bags as pillows and coat as blanket. But I can’t sleep. Who could ever fall asleep when enchantment is all around you. It’s just so beautiful and it beckons to be experienced. I sit, I listen and I watch as the early dark turns to periwinkle blue from outside the glass triangles of the ceiling. This is the best time to have experienced this gem, when no one else is there to see her wake. I think nothing can get better then that moment just past and put my camera away to sleep- then the water falls. It falls from hidden pipes in the ceiling and down, down so far I didn’t bother to find the bottom. The largest indoor waterfall, they say. Wow. The only thing left to say is you should see it. I never did sleep but who was I kidding, this was my world. 

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