Singapore DAY 12


Day off and Karaoke !! We worked hard for this and the pay out was sweet. Sleeping in then lounging by the pool, maybe a bit too long, but if your not coming home from Singapore without a tan then you might as well not have gone Singapore in the first place. Its a whole new game when you are enjoying the sun instead of hating it. The whole crew got together for some Karaoke later that night. Worth every penny. Experiencing the culture of the night life is just as important to me as seeing museums. This may sound odd but enjoying the city and truly experiencing Singapore means both day and night to me. How can you understand a place, understand its culture, understand its people without seeing it in both lights? It would be leaving half out if you only experienced it during the day. Plus, if its not already obvious, I have a passion for cities all lit up at night. As a photographer, its my favorite time to shoot.

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