Singapore DAY 14


went to an animation design school where we saw the meticulous lines every student must do for weeks before progressing to the next steps. The speaker showed us before and after works from many students that were simple astounding. I thought what if I hadn’t stopped drawing where would I be now. I think we all thought something along the lines of how this school might improve our skills. The air was buzzing afterwards with ideas of a study abroad year here. Leaving on a high we then went to the Bureau a small but innovative design firm. Seeing how they worked with photographers to create a story and design was something I needed to see. But this place had more then just that, I was able to do some foreign networking with the guys that run the place. They are into off roading and over-landing which is mine and my husbands thing and also new business. Although the networking may have been a small step for the business it was exhilarating to connect like that worlds apart.

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