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Artist Statement: The Night
Being awake in the hours that most are asleep is intriguing to me. The world is different and un-watched. The colors compliment the dark sky and invoke beauty in their silent vibrance. Seeing a city lit up at night for the first time is like discovering your lover loves you back. To capture this feeling I use soft focuses and long exposures because love is not sharp nor fast, and often is not true to reality.

Artist Statement: The Femme                                                                                                      We are in the era of the goddess. The female as a powerful being. She is loving, seductive and strong at all the right times. You want her to love you and you want to battle at her side, not against her, because together you imagine you can rise above anything or anyone. Capturing the female in an iconic form is The Femme, but a goddess is not always alive in everyone and must be brought out individually. The hunt for truth in the beauty is an ongoing project of mine.

My name is Natalia Mills age 29, and I am a photographer. Growing up my family made two big moves at just the right moments in my life for me to understand change as a good thing. I then moved away to college to study photography in the most beautiful state side area I could find, Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs CO. Once out of college I wanted to literally see the world. I didn't have any money but that had never stopped me before. There is always another way and with that in mind I got a job working for the airlines. Using the flight benefits I started traveling as much as possible. Seeing the beauty of the world became self reflective and awakening. I feel most alive and most inspired by the earth so I pull energy from the earth and look out to what it sees. Us humans and cities taking it over, but then there is always beauty in the chaos and what rises above it. Blurring the cities into magical terrains and finding the beauty in every individual keeps me focused on the future and what we can become from this destruction. Thus The Night, The Femme and The Mind. 

For more information on Natalia's work, to chat regarding photography sessions, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.

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