Changing anything really is a big thing but why? Its always happening. Everything and everyone, including yourself is constantly changing in some way. I don’t understand why we are not good at this change thing yet. This isn’t the first time and not nearly the second, in fact the number is too large. So what makes us so attached the the familiar? Why do we fall into things that are comfortable and try so hard to not let it change? Change is hard, i know i know but…… maybe your fighting and its making it hard. Change is natural and beautiful and easy when let to flow.


I had a dream the other night where I was running away from someone trying to kill me. I didn’t get far until I was shot but the dream didn’t end. It had just began. I laid there only feeling the pain momentarily until I realized my body had died. Then I was weightless and free. I got out of my body and floated through the ceiling and out into the street. The wind was blowing yellow leaves in a warm breeze into geometric patterns. I floated through these kaleidoscopes with my white dress swirling behind me. Its was utterly peaceful as I felt an overwhelming warm love flowing through my veins. I knew my life. I knew all my lives. I knew myself.