Singapore DAY 16


we said goodbye to sticky sweet Singapore this morning at 4am. The cab was cheap to the airport split three ways. Airports that early in the morning are abandoned and its the most interesting thing to me. I’m always having to try for standby on the very first flight so I see them like this a lot. Its my favorite thing to be awake when the world is sleeping. Usually its in the opposite time frame of staying up till the wee hours of the morning but when I have to travel its waking up during those hours instead. To see a place for what it is without all the people who it is made for. To awake with the building and stretch as it stretches. Its as if I am able to put the world on pause and just walk around in that moment in time with no one else there to distract me. In this space I feel I have enough time to stop and feed the coy fish, touch the waterfall or explore until I found the perfect nest to wait for my flight to board. Singapores airport is a great introduction to its city and just as bittersweet or sticky sweet as leaving Singapore herself.

Singapore DAY 15


Last day. So weird. It felt like we had forever and then like it went by in a flash. One last museum to top it off and a delectable meal in the garden. The red dot museum was a museum dedicated to technology designs. It was so interesting from robots, drones and cameras to studies on time spent. So cool. With the ticket we were gifted a book that I will definitely being thumbing through often. 

The dinner was luxurious sitting in the middle of a beautiful garden yet still enjoying the AC. It was a beautiful restaurant with lush greenery and flowers every which way. strolling  through the gardens afterwards was bit of a contrast. It was a mad house. so many people with selfie sticks taking photos of themselves. It was as if the main attraction were to get a good selfie and not to see or experience the largest indoor waterfall or the never ending array of jaw dropping flowers. Nope. They were all there to get the best selfie. Sometimes I prefer not to take my camera or pull out my phone when I’m on trips so I can enjoy the moment in real time, in the present and truly be in the present. As well, sometimes I miss great photo opportunities doing this especially as a photographer, but in the end I think its worth it. The moments you have all to yourself that are just in your head and never captured and displayed or boasted to the world are the memories I cherish.

Singapore DAY 14


went to an animation design school where we saw the meticulous lines every student must do for weeks before progressing to the next steps. The speaker showed us before and after works from many students that were simple astounding. I thought what if I hadn’t stopped drawing where would I be now. I think we all thought something along the lines of how this school might improve our skills. The air was buzzing afterwards with ideas of a study abroad year here. Leaving on a high we then went to the Bureau a small but innovative design firm. Seeing how they worked with photographers to create a story and design was something I needed to see. But this place had more then just that, I was able to do some foreign networking with the guys that run the place. They are into off roading and over-landing which is mine and my husbands thing and also new business. Although the networking may have been a small step for the business it was exhilarating to connect like that worlds apart.

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