I had a dream the other night where I was running away from someone trying to kill me. I didn’t get far until I was shot but the dream didn’t end. It had just began. I laid there only feeling the pain momentarily until I realized my body had died. Then I was weightless and free. I got out of my body and floated through the ceiling and out into the street. The wind was blowing yellow leaves in a warm breeze into geometric patterns. I floated through these kaleidoscopes with my white dress swirling behind me. Its was utterly peaceful as I felt an overwhelming warm love flowing through my veins. I knew my life. I knew all my lives. I knew myself.

This big picture

We use to view websites on computer screens only. We use to view art as prints. We’ve come a long way and gotten a lot smaller. The quickest and easiest way to view a portfolio is honestly Instagram. The website is second now to either Instagram or Facebook. Thats to say if you are viewing artist online. Its so easy really, to just pick up your phone and simply see a whole artist life work in seconds. I love it. Its made the way for artist that would otherwise go unknown to be seen by millions in seconds. There are so many pros to this new way, but of course they do not come without the cons. Artist know the cons and know them well but for those who do not let me explain. Artwork always looks different in person then on a screen. It looks like its suppose to look. Its viewed as the artist wants it to be viewed. Photographs, paintings, prints, sculptures , etc,  hold more weight the larger they are. An art piece shapes its own surroundings. Any given space can become in itself a body of the artwork it holds. All of these help to create an experience instead of just a viewing. They express their true meanings or hidden meanings. They provoke emotional experiences. This is hard to say about viewing the same piece on a small screen. Often you will pass up a photograph online not giving it much time or thought. You see the same photograph on a wall, huge, overwhelmingly in your face. The color or hue swallows your gaze and pulls you up and down the piece. You don’t take your eyes off it even when your across the room. It follows you and you follow it. Speaking, obviously, to that one piece of art you to this day remember and probably will never forget. I bet that piece was seen in person. Some cases it may be small but most paintings are big for a reason. I must say I’ve been quite draw to the exact opposite before as well. The smallest detailed painting i’ve ever seen. For the rest they have been huge. With this being said, so badly do I want to print out these fine art photos of mine really big. I have the art, its ready to go. I have the spirit and the drive, those are also ready to go. I know just what I want, I’m ready to go. I’ll be patient for a promise but if I don’t hear a promise i’ll blaze this place up and take it for myself! ready?

31 jan 2017

I have all these ideas for photoshoots and art pieces and shows I want to put together and projects and collaborations and books and portfolios and films and short films and music videos and and and.. its never ending. This life has so much to inspire me and is continuously giving me new ideas. Ever so slowly I’ve been working towards making my time about actually revolving around this inspiration. The closer I get the more at home I feel. I have these ideas all written down, it feels like a book of treasures just sitting patiently in my pocket. I’ll read through them when I’m stuck in the airport or on a long trip with no internet. I’ll add to them, adjust them, delete the bad ones. When i’m able to grab just the right model or find just the right location or just the right medium, its spectacular. The inspiration is just flowing about in the air, coming right off the muse and filling everyone up in the room. If I had my way, I would wake up slow do yoga, eat a delicious healthy lunch and make art until way past the sunset, everyday. Soon. Soon I will know this life. Just wait…

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